How I started windsurfing?

Windsurfing #1

How did i started windsurfing?

I started windsurfing because my dad was windsurfing to, And now we do this sport together.

The first time when i did windsurfing was on Aruba, I saw windsurfers and I thought that seems to me to be really cool to do. So we had rented a windsurf board with a small sail, In the beginning it was difficult but later it went well, even turning went well.
I was 14 years old when I got my own board, And there was no windsurfing lessons were given in our place. So my dad learned the basics to me, My first own windsurf board was a Jp australia slalom 114


In the begin it was realy difficult to get the control over the board, But later I could already jibes10608769_749530425111265_2600400475158530377_o

So it was a lot of more fun to windsurf,  I have learned many things from my self , And to watch a lot of movies, and of course to watching others how they jibe or how they do a a water start.

Sorry it was so short, it’s my first blog so it’s difficult for me to make such a thing. Want to ask me something or you have a interview or tips? Then you should just draw them, I answered them as quickly as possible.



Darryl Verzijlberg




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